What's your "old reliable" and why?

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To elaborate a bit more ...."reliable" to me means that it'll hit what I want to hit, when I want to hit it. No cold shots necessary, no sighters required. It simply puts em where the crosshairs are.

This is 5 shots @ 30 yards from stool and shooting sticks from the gun in the original post.

And yes, it's an exceptional group. Gun can probably always do it, operater can't.

The hole made by five pellets is still tight enough to support one of the same .20/13.73 that made it.

The original Benjamin Bulldog .357. I haven’t had any major parts failures that I can recall. There’s no regulator to worry about maintaining. It’s easy to work on and install upgraded parts to enhance or increase performance. Shoots pellets, slugs and airbolts and is capable of taking a wide variety of animals all from a 3000 psi fill pressure. She’s a breeze to shoot within 50 yards. She’s capable of shooting but suffers significant bullet drop at further distances. She can literally stack 81 grain .35 Diabolo pellets within 50 yards.


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