What did you do airgun related today?

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I checked the zero on my Snowpeak P35 25 cal. It’s set up for night duty with a Pard NV008S. It’s been a few days, so I let two pellets fly at 18 yards. That’s the distance from my office window to my bird feeder.

Two pellets touching in the red, she’s ready as usual. The red is .6” across. Front supposed butt shouldered just like I take my pest shots. I pulled the first shot to the left a little. I’ve been shooting my Notos, which has a trigger not nearly as nice as the P35. FX 25 grain going 780 fps


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Well since you asked 😅...Friday evening (been meaning to do this for months now) I finally called vortek spring about a new stronger main spring for my beloved Slavia 630. He said to take it apart and call back about the spring specs but was pretty sure he had them in stock! It is Canadian 495 fps and I'd like to get it to American standards now (650-700ish) that I have my FAC. Then this morning at breakfast before getting to work in my home shop doing some auto repairs I was greeted with a bunch o squirrels outside. I took one with my 1.5 month old Tx200 .177 (more of that on 2024 Hunting thread) I didn't buy it to hunt predominantly but it sure worked. Hardest part was staying in the shop as it was sunny and calm all day. Totally killed me 🤭😥
Shot all three of my BRKs at 25 yards, the Pathfinder XR first shot, exactly where I was aiming, the same with my daytime Atomic XR. Both guns sent five shots where, POA = POI for five shots after weeks of sitting in the safe. Shot my nighttime Atomic XR and she did the same, it has been my nightly shooter as there’s not enough light after work for the other two.
Checked my new Notos to see if it's holding pressure (and yes it is) but had to go grocery shopping with the wife. Checked the bird feeder-lots of birds but no rats....I'll keep checking...
I put my new camera up a week and a half ago. Two rats the first night that I shot. Since then only birds. I see lots of squirrels in my neighbors yards, I guess they learned after last year.
I tested some Benjamin Match 22 pellets at 25 yds in a few of my rifles. The box came today from Benjamin. They don’t waste any time securely packing the pellet tin in the box. A few had damage on skirts, surprisingly since they are known to be a harder pellet with thick skirts.
The Compatto liked them, the S510 seemed to really like them, as did my Benjamin Maximus. The P-Rod did not like them and the C362 kinda tossed them in the general direction.
Well that day is long over and gone buuut....i did shoot some groups today! It was cold but almost zero wind, so I could not resist. And I had to verify the TX is back on track after the stock redo. Ahh therapy 😊...try as I might I could not beat 13/16 inch. All 10 shot groups, all 13/16in. Gonna stick with the 8.44 grains exclusively out of her I think. Last group I brought it in to 20 yards. Exact same results 😆 Might get more consistent once it warms up above zero...


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Sometimes we have time to shoot, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we only have time to organize or do maintenance.

What did you do airgun related today?
Worked on my GX PCP compressor taking it apart and cleaning the piston after taking the head off by removing the 4 bolts. Regreased generously with marine divers lube/grease and reassembled and tested with plug in line to 4350 psi and all is good. It's 2 years old now and I do this once a month just to keep it running smoothly! Yawn, lol. Not any fun but necessary to keep maintained so it's ready this week for some awesome Wednesday shooting as the weather is supposed to be around 65 degrees here in Missouri. It just snowed here about 5 days ago and got down to 20 degrees. Weirdest winter weather I've seen in 20 years. Time to break out the rifles!

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