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When posting a new thread, you have the ability to choose the thread type (not available in every forum):


Make sure, you use the right type (although a moderator can later change it) for your content:
  1. Discussion
  2. Question
  3. Article
  4. Poll

For instance, if you have a question or need help with some issue, choose the question thread type and you'll get more options, also to mark a post as a solution.
You got the listing of air guns like aa , crosman , hatsan , ect and other brands .

Could we get a beeman ( german made) catagory ? I think they deserve there own catagory not to be mixed in with china beemans. Maybe a sub under the hw
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll add that to a possible future "to do" list, but my expectation is that this would be somewhat marginal from a volume of interest perspective.

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