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What is PWA?
PWA stands for Progressive Web App. It is a type of web technology that allows developers to create websites that look and feel like native mobile apps, even though they run in a browser. PWAs can be installed on a user's home screen, offer offline functionality, and provide the ability to receive push notifications.

PWA is a new approach to building mobile web experiences that combines the best of both worlds: the low friction of a website with the features and functionality of a native app.

Install HAM Community as a PWA app on your phone's home screen to receive push notifications and badges on icons.

For Android it's easy (just tap the Install button in the notice at the top), but for iOS you'll need to do it manually. On your phone, visit the HAM Community and install it on your home screen (see instructions below).

After installing the app, open it, log in, and enable push notifications.


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