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The new DRS Classic is looking promising for HFT. Light, not tall, stiff barrel, synthetic stock so it wont get banged up, affordable vs air arms, awesome warranty, fx accuracy hmmmm not much to think about here.
Ahhh but how is it out of the box? That I think remains to be seen. I can tell you what I got out of the box with my 2 AA guns but the excellent groups all look the same so it gets boring😋. You will (I highly believe) spend more in the long run getting it shooting as nicely as the AA. They came to market with alot of upgrades listed and that makes me wonder how good the original plain version will be. Still waiting on Sub12s video he plans to make of it, we all know how his impact and panthera vids go....repair, repair, modification.🤭😏 I know how you like guns brother. Get the AA and shoot it.
Do you have a list price on it Mike? I am curious, but being in Canada it won't be here till a year or 2 after you folks get it and figure it all out. Again pros and cons 😂
wunder why its going to be so far out for you guys?
A big issue is we are not allowed any sound suppression period. I have 2 AA rifles a TX200 and S510 and both have the internal shrouds removed. The ghost I want to buy has a big brass block where the air stripper usually is so no air can go backwards through shroud. The scout Epoch is finnaalllyy coming to Canada (still not in stock yet) and the Fx dynamic arrived I believe 3 months ago. Any air rifle with sound suppression that cannot have it removed is not legal for sale here. It's 100% ridiculous, and some manufacturers just say forget it we aren't bothering to sell to the Canadian market. Very thankful though many guns we can still get our hands on!
wow that really sucks so no permit you can buy or anything.
kinda suprised no shops are set up to do mods and make them legal
The manufacturer is told what needs to be done, they figure out if there is potential for their guns here (aka will they sell many and make $$) and then they do the mods. The guns get inspected - and if they pass then are legal for sale here. For example I can buy a regular 50 cal texan but I cannot buy a 50 cal texan SS here. The Scout Epoch is not inherently quiet but guess what it has factory sound suppression....so Scout had to change the barrel/shroud system (all the while, making sure they don't mess with the guns accuracy) to sell it here. The British pcps sell quite well here thankfully. I believe we can buy up to 50cal once you have a gun license here.
you would think a licened importer would bring in some guns and make the mods? i think the englosh did that years ago or at least i beleave i once read they did.
probably enough options just not enough money in it for them to mess with?
in anycase that sucks
I saw Utah Airguns just dropped a video on the synthetic version DRS, finally some testing with it, seems mostly a pellet shooter the guy was saying. Do you by chance know the fill pressure on the walnut version DRS?

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