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My Sidewinder .22 came to me with a reg pressure of 185 bar and even though it was quite accurate it was shooting way to hot even with the power adjuster as low as it would go. I read the manual a few times and like AOA’s video and the manual say it is best to not mess with reg settings. The confusing part was in the manual it says for .22 the reg should come set at around 125 bar. So a quick call to AoA confirmed it was too high for .22. So following their instructions I removed the bottle, with the selector switch in “semi”and an empty magazine installed in the rifle fire two shots and the gun will dump its air. I was the told to turn the reg adjuster clockwise about 3/4 turn. Replaced the bottle and it was right at about 120 bar a couple clicks counter clockwise put me right at between 125 -130 bar. I would not recommend changes to your reg on this rifle without checking with AoA or your dealer as you could jeopardize your warranty as stated in your manual.
Now it really made shooting 18 gr. Way more accurate. Shot cycle is much smoother, and really tightened up my extreme spread. There is a lot to like about this gun. It may be one of the most fun airgun that I have shot.
Sidewinder .22 Cal., JSB

Shot count: 30

Low: 875 FPS
Hi: 886 FPS
Avg: 880 FPS
Spread: 11 FPS
STD Dev: 2.2 FPS

13-Apr-2024 20:28:52,879,FPS,31.1,FT Lbs,
13-Apr-2024 20:28:59,877,FPS,31.0,FT Lbs,
13-Apr-2024 20:29:06,877,FPS,31.0,FT Lbs,
13-Apr-2024 20:29:13,879,FPS,31.1,FT Lbs,
13-Apr-2024 20:29:19,879,FPS,31.1,FT Lbs,
13-Apr-2024 20:29:26,881,FPS,31.3,FT Lbs,
13-Apr-2024 20:29:34,877,FPS,31.0,FT Lbs,
13-Apr-2024 20:29:41,877,FPS,31.0,FT Lbs,
13-Apr-2024 20:29:52,879,FPS,31.1,FT Lbs,
13-Apr-2024 20:30:03,881,FPS,31.3,FT Lbs,
13-Apr-2024 20:30:13,877,FPS,31.0,FT Lbs,
13-Apr-2024 20:30:25,884,FPS,31.5,FT Lbs,
13-Apr-2024 20:30:37,881,FPS,31.3,FT Lbs,
13-Apr-2024 20:30:46,879,FPS,31.1,FT Lbs,
13-Apr-2024 20:30:55,879,FPS,31.1,FT Lbs,
13-Apr-2024 20:32:42,879,FPS,31.1,FT Lbs,
13-Apr-2024 20:32:48,879,FPS,31.1,FT Lbs,
13-Apr-2024 20:32:53,877,FPS,31.0,FT Lbs,
13-Apr-2024 20:32:59,875,FPS,30.8,FT Lbs,
13-Apr-2024 20:33:12,881,FPS,31.3,FT Lbs,
13-Apr-2024 20:33:21,879,FPS,31.1,FT Lbs,
13-Apr-2024 20:33:28,881,FPS,31.3,FT Lbs,
13-Apr-2024 20:33:36,886,FPS,31.6,FT Lbs,
13-Apr-2024 20:33:44,879,FPS,31.1,FT Lbs,
13-Apr-2024 20:33:52,881,FPS,31.3,FT Lbs,
13-Apr-2024 20:34:01,881,FPS,31.3,FT Lbs,
13-Apr-2024 20:34:10,881,FPS,31.3,FT Lbs,
13-Apr-2024 20:34:19,881,FPS,31.3,FT Lbs,
13-Apr-2024 20:34:28,877,FPS,31.0,FT Lbs,
13-Apr-2024 20:34:37,881,FPS,31.3,FT Lbs,

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