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Haven't been able to do much shooting lately, but made some time mid-week to get out to the 100 yard range with the C2T. Decided to replace the Athlon Heras 6-24x with a Sightron S-TAC 4-20x to see which I prefer on that rifle. Also finally got around to adding weight to the gun, in the form of a 1x6" brass rod, attached to the rail with some cheap scope rings.

Got a zero at 30, then doped the clicks every 5 yards out to 100. Ended up with the best match to Strelok Pro prediction that I've ever gotten- most were spot on or 1 click difference. Always fuss a lot with getting a scope level, so was pleased to have windage on track all the way out. Not ready to make a call between the two scopes yet. Heras might have a very slight edge in image quality, though it could just be the extra magnification (always shot it at 24x). Need to set them up side by side at 20x to get a better idea. Think I like the S-TAC reticle better- it's a little thicker & easier on the eyes. The lower max magnification didn't seem to affect my results, but need more time behind the S-TAC to pass judgement.

As for the brass rod- like it. A lot. Played around with the location & settled on what's in the photo below. Have always struggled with bullpups away from a solid rest, because they tend to be top heavy, & to a lesser extent, rear heavy. The C2T - & probably other bullpups without the thick, solid buttstock - is better in that regard. Not rear heavy at all, but was still top heavy with a fat scope up top. With the brass attached, the center of gravity is much lower. Feels better on the bench, & much better on shooting sticks or offhand. Pretty surprised at just how much better. Thought it might settle things down a bit at the shot, but it also makes holding on target easier. Should mention that the scope change also affected this. The S-TAC is 5 or 6 ounces lighter than the Heras, which also helps lower that center of gravity. Didn't think to check total weight before & after the changes, but the total weight increase isn't that much. Maybe 1/2 lb?

Definitely screams homebrew, might try to class it up a little by putting some flat black or faux carbon fiber wrap around the brass rod. And while I'm at it, cover up the big block TACTICAL on either side! Hey, maybe even try to find a faux wood veneer wrap to match the handle & stock :ROFLMAO:

Wrapped it up with the obligatory 100 yard, 5-shot group from the bench. Don't shoot for groups from the bench that often, but when I do with this rifle, it's consistent as the day is long. Always juuuust over MOA at 100, never more than 1.5. Assuming, of course, an airgun friendly wind.

very nice.
a beutifal gun boss!!
Thanks! She blushed when I told her you said that 🤣

One thing I really should have done before switching scopes is monitor the tracking of the Heras, then do the same for the S-TAC. Word has it that most good scopes these days have no issues with tracking, but that wasn't my experience in the past. Most would pass a box test, but over hundreds of elevation changes they'd spit the bit somewhere. Granted these weren't cream of the crop scopes like Zeiss/Kahles etc., but none were blister pack specials either. The only one that never did was SWFA. Still have that scope, & it still tracks exactly as it should.
Been 5+ years since I was a heavy clicker, used holdover since. Like the idea of clicking for EFT, with an oversized turret having yardages marked. But only if the scope has earned that trust.
Wolf, don’t know how Kieth and I are going to compete with you with our skinny little CT. Probably just melt down some recovered pellets and pour them into any available space on the cricket!🤣
Wolf, don’t know how Kieth and I are going to compete with you with our skinny little CT. Probably just melt down some recovered pellets and pour them into any available space on the cricket!🤣
Hey I gotta make up for the talent deficit somehow!!

Dunno if any of this will make a difference on the course. The new balance does make it feel like less work to settle the crosshair where I want it, if that makes sense. Like a new car that handles a little better than your old one. But there's still plenty of opportunity for me to screw up the shot!

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