Marauder My Benjamin Maurader Prod by Airgun Revisions, backstory, review, pictures and testing.

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Weighed the prod today and measured it with the stock.

It is a perfect length for shouldering for me at just under 33 inches with the quick detach ryu, and has a great feel to it.

At just 6.05 pounds with full air, a scope and rings. This thing is LIGHT. The scope weighs a little over 1 pound so that puts the rifle sub 5 pounds full of air.

To put this in perspective, shipping weight of an impact m3 compact is 6.15 pounds.

Tomorrow I get to take this little rifle out with my huben handpump for a day of plinking, so stay tuned. I'll have some chronograph numbers and other goodies for you guys.20231021_180110.jpg20231021_180254.jpg
My precious will be a lot of fun to shoot side by side with your new beauty one of these days.


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Check out my latest, bear in mind please 20mph to 35mph winds this rifle kicks ass!

My second mag on the fill is shown in the chronograph numbers, first mag was 670 to 683 fps , POI doesn't change as the velocity drops at the distances this rifle will be shot at.

Its a beast of a setup imo.

Screenshot_20231022_135528_FX Radar.jpg20231022_121541.jpg20231022_121611.jpg

PAGE 1 : Intro
PAGE 2 : Receiving, unboxing pictures, and some very quick testing.
PAGE 4 : Weight and length of rifle, chronograph numbers and more testing with more sections of Ryu moderator added.

A little backstory here, I just got into airgunning 2-2.5 years ago, started with an Umarex Hammer and a Hatsan Flashpup QE with amazon no name 50 dollar scopes. I had no idea what I was doing (any time I had been shooting previously with PB I only shot with Iron sights or Acog) , I didn't understand ballistics, or have real expectations of what these rifles could do... nor what they won't do.

SO I cycled my way through almost every manufacturer and ammo type... I have learned so much from the community to the point now where I am shooting competitions and printing sub moa groups at 100 yards all day long, every time I go out.

So I started cycling through airguns I owned , why I got rid of them, and did I have fun with them?

My first Airgun Revisions Prod built by Rich made its way to a friend of mine and I missed it so much that I contacted him 3-4 weeks ago and asked him to build me another, well he sent me these photos this weekend and it should be in my hands this week.

I can't wait to get out and plink with this as I know the work Rich does is quality and I know how fun my previous one was over a year and a half ago.

The work done was , stock obviously, his tuning, and a moderator adapter. I plan on running my Vector Optics 4-16 on it as it is light and clear as well as one of DonnyFL new suppressors the Ryu.

Over the next couple weeks I will be updating this thread with some plinking, testing, and reviewing. I can already feel the enjoyment creeping over me with this one.

Anyways, feast your eyes on this beauty....

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Love the way wood stock looks on the P-ROD- congrats on new toy!
No need to apologize. No one knows who I am. I was just happy and surprised Darko listened to me. Not only listened but made them right away. 🙂
I have had very good experiences with Darko, never a slip up when ordering with him and really fast shipping. I think he is one of the ones that really cares about his customer base.
@Elis5173 came over today to my home range and unfortunately got a little tied up in traffic so we didn't have much day light. He was really wanting to check out the valdada g2 on my Paradigm but equally intrigued by the Prod, by the time we got to the Prod it was dark, I had to hold a flashlight on the targets and with no IR on the vector optics veyron he still walked the KNOW YOUR LIMITS target at 25 yards all the way down to the last 3/8 of inch spinner.

Needless to say, the prod is really impressive and looks 🔥 🥵 too 👌20231026_171714.jpg20231026_171654.jpg
Little update on the PROD, I BROKE IT!!!

Well I typically use T-nuts on all my stocks when installing pic rails , the teak wood was just too hard while seating these ones, I gave it a good "THWACK" to seat the Tnut and boom heard a crack. Unfortunately sometimes the best way to learn is via a mistake and thats what I did.

I reached out to Rich and ordered a new replacement stock. It will be one of the full foregrip premier stocks, same finish.

Live and learn, not afraid to admit making a mistake, airgunning has been a learning experience start to finish.


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