Karma Airguns, FX And Element Optics At IWA 2024

Today we’ll look at the new products shown by Karma Airguns, FX Airguns and Element Optics at the IWA OutdoorClassics show 2024.

Karma Airguns occupied a part of the booth of AEA Precision Airguns at IWA. AEA, of course, is the manufacturer of the Karma Airguns.

Many HAM readers will be familiar with the prototype Karma Red Panda that was shot with great success by Thayne Simmons in 2023. Thayne won the 100 yards benchrest competitions at the 2023 Rocky Mountain shoot, the Pyramyd Air Cup and Extreme Benchrest.

That gun will be reaching production in 2024 as the “Red Panda Bench” model. And – here to show it to us – is none other than Thayne Simmons himself!

Karma Airguns, FX And Element Optics At IWA 2024

The Red Panda will be available in calibers from .22 to .35 caliber and with Muzzle Energy peaking at 150 Ft/Lbs in the largest caliber. With a weight of 16.8 Lbs, plus scope and accessories, this is clearly not for offhand shooting!

But now there’s to be more than just one Karma Airguns model. Apart from the Red Panda Bench, there’s a Red Panda PRS. There’s also a Karma SLS model that will be available in Standard and Compact models.

Plus, there’s a Karma EQ model, as Thayne shows us below. The EQ is also to be available in calibers from .22 to .35. Power is up to 105 Ft/Lbs in the .35 caliber version and the weight a more svelte 7.9 Lbs plus scope etc.

Karma Airguns, FX And Element Optics At IWA 2024

Below, Thayne shows us that the Karma SLS Compact is – in fact – really quite compact! This model will be available in .22 and .25 calibers and comes-in at just 31.5 Inches overall length. The .25 cal. version offers up to 50 Ft/Lbs Muzzle Energy.

Karma Airguns, FX And Element Optics At IWA 2024

The well-known Dutch distributor Krale also had a booth at the show. This included a selection of models from Karma Airguns, thus enabling us to compare the sizes of – from top to bottom – the Red Panda Bench, SLS Standard and SLS Compact.

Karma Airguns, FX And Element Optics At IWA 2024

Meanwhile, over at the combined FX Airguns/Element Optics booth, Mathias Vangilbergen kindly showed me around. Most of the new FX models had been announced in the past few months, but there were still some interesting surprises – as always!

First, Mathias showed me the new FX King. This is a conventional-configuration model that’s supplied with a stunning GRS laminated stock.


The FX King is available in calibers all the way from .177 up to .35 caliber.



Next up was the FX Redback. This is a dedicated arrow-shooter. No, it’s not a Gatling gun! What you see are multiple arrow “barrels”. The whole configuration rotates after each arrow is fired, thus avoiding any delay for re-loading.


Takedown PCP rifles seem to be something of a trend this year at the IWA show. Here we see the FX Dynamic in takedown form.


The FX DRS model uses an over-barrel plenum. Calibers are .177, .22 and .25. Stock choices include this stylish walnut with rosewood tip…


Fans of the “traditional” FA models were pleased to see that the Impact and Wildcat Mk 3 still made the show. Here we see the Wildcat in a walnut stock, below.


Also new from FX airguns is a new range of Halo slugs. These are being manufactured in-house Mathias told me.


Last, but not least, was the FX True Ballistic chronograph. This is a Doppler-radar system. Mathias’s description of the functionality really impressed me.


This definitely looks like a good tool with the sort of capabilities Labradar could have had if there had ever been a development of the first (and so far only) full-sized version of that device. Think of it as a “son of Labradar” and you won’t be too far wrong.

And yes, there’s still more to airgun news to come from IWA OutdoorClassics 2024!

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I wasn’t too excited by the quality of the AEA airguns. Although they are fun to shoot! I am very curious about the red panda! Hopefully it is a step up in quality! Thanks HAM for another fantastic reading!
Maybe a different manufacturer hence going with a different branding ?

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