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There is a big variety of monster redesigned and I just took a couple of them
I hope JSB bring the 2017-2028 (bottom of the picture) as those were the very best ones.
Jeff, this variation is one I have seen, and one that expert shooters have discussed with me. I have attempted to get sample pellets cross-sectioned to show the shape and depth of the recess in the back end, so far without success. I am certain that the depth/volume of the cavity will affect ballistics. I have had tins of pellets with more than one recess shape (not MRD's - .177 10.3's). My brother was one of the first who pointed this out to me, and he said that it affected how deeply the pellet seated in the leade of his rifle, as the way the bolt probe fit as it pushed the pellet forward loading was significant.
It seems indisputable that if you have multiple sectional areas due to the swage tooling, the pellets must perform differently
I am glad you agree or had similar results I've had with this pellets.
I have found that the difference is not only in the cavity, they are different in length, head size, the transition shape from neck to head, neck size and of course the skirt thickness to name some.
All this measures might affect how the pellet behaves.
I believe that we could repeat this conversation with the .25 King Heavy and King Heavy MKII. I truly appreciate JSB being here presumably to get feedback from its consumers.

Bottom line is that these small manufacturing differences matter so serious shooter looking for CONSISTENCY and packaging and labeling needs to somehow reflect this.
Today this showed up.
If anybody has some info is very appreciated.


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Today this showed up.
If anybody has some info is very appreciated.

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