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I just watched the UA video and he was saying they are still liners. It's more of a solid lockup because it's inside the plenum but it's not a solid barrel. It's essentially a wood stocked front bottle Panthera. Just marketing to a different crowd than the AR style gun of the Panthera/Dynamic

That's disappointing, Ryan said it was a solid metal barrel. I guess he has a different opinion about what constitutes a solid barrel? He did admit it was basically a Panthera though.
I have 3 fxs but I don’t know if id buy another. Yes they are accurate, smooth and have really good triggers but it’s because I have the only guns I feel are simple enough for me to own without 100 different adjustments but that being said I love that they are innovative unlike some companies state side.
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The rifle is literally a panthera/dynamic in a wood stock. It uses the plenum wrapped around the barrel like @Dairyboy just like they do. Maybe that is what he meant.
Yeah I watched the video I understand it but it’s still too many dials and adjustments for me at least. Perfect for someone who’s target shooting and wants to squeeze every bit of accuracy as possible out of it.

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