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How Do I Gain HAM Airgun Points?​

HAM Points accumulate in your account and you can see this in the “Your HAM Points” display when logged-in as a member. They accrue as follows:
  • Registering as a member --> 10 Points
  • Adding an avatar --> 10 Points
  • Every time you start a new thread --> 10 Points
  • Every positive reaction you receive --> 1/4 (0.25) Point
  • You vote in a HAM Community poll --> 5 Points
  • You post a reply in a thread --> 2 Points
  • Every day you log into the HAM Community --> 1 Point
(For technical reasons, your HAM Airgun Points account may be up-dated in batches, not every single time you post or receive a positive reaction. But don’t worry, the system is still keeping track of all your Points).

As you can see, HAM Points can accumulate rapidly as you participate in the Community!
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What Is The Value Of HAM Airgun Points?​

By themselves, HAM Airgun Points have no value. However, several top airgun dealers and manufacturers have agreed to recognize your participation in the HAM Community by issuing a “store credit” - or similar benefits - when you make a qualifying purchase in their stores.

It works like this…

When you exceed a certain number of HAM Airgun Points (1,000, 2,000 or some other figure), you can redeem them through our online system. The appropriate number of HAM Points will be removed from your account and HAM will inform your chosen participating dealer or manufacturer. Either HAM or the participating company will contact you with an appropriate store credit or other benefit. You can then apply this to your purchase in the company's online store.

The value of this store credit depends on the individual company. It may vary with the value and/or content of your order and may include special offers. Different companies may also have somewhat different redemption systems. But don't worry, we'll make this clear to you!
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Which Companies Recognize My Participation In The HAM Community?​

The companies participating in the HAM Airgun Points scheme are listed in our Points Redeem system, together with their current offers for HAM Community members.
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How Do I Know How Many HAM Airgun Points I Have?​

You will see the number of HAM Points in your account whenever you log-in to the HAM Community, together with how they were earned. In addition, notification of HAM Airgun Points awards will be sent to you by email (You can disable these notifications, if you wish).

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Can HAM Airgun Points Be Removed from My Account?​

Yes, in two ways.

1. When you redeem Points to take advantage of an advertiser offer. (in other words, by your own choice).

2. As a result of unacceptable behavior in the HAM Community. Moderators have - in their sole discretion - the right to remove any number of HAM Airgun Points from any account as part of the enforcement of our HAM Community Guidelines.
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Can I Receive HAM Airgun Points Without Being A Registered Member?​

No. You need to be a registered member of the HAM Community to accumulate HAM Points. “Lurking” does not qualify!
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Will The HAM Airgun Points Scheme Last For Ever?​

HAM Points are intended to be a long-term key benefit and motivator for the HAM Community. That’s why we have them!

However, here’s the “small print”. You know we have to say this. The HAM Airgun Points scheme may be changed or cancelled at any time, at the sole discretion of the owners of the HAM Community, for reasons that we cannot forsee at this time.

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