H&N Baracuda Match (5.52mm) .22 Cal For Air Venturi Avenge-X


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Was looking at the H&N Baracuda Match .22, 21.14 gr. pellets. You have a choice of 5.51mm (.217”) or 5.52mm (.2175”).
Which would be correct for the Air Venturi Avenge-X?
I assume like any . You buy pellets and test them to narrow down the works best for your gun and use of it. Sadly there's no what's the best pellet magical answer.
If it something you want to try just buy some and see. I could say ya there the best in my gun , but you may find not so much in yours ..

Good luck 👍
Yes the inside diameter of each individual barrel will be slightly different between individual guns too. That's why you need to try different pellets.
Gotcha, thanks!

I guess a lot of guys slug there barrels by pushing a pellet or slug through by hand to get some kind or idea .. I never did that but I read things as that around .

Read subscriber in post 6

How to measure barrel diameter, and what is right? - Airguns & Guns Forum

For me loose pellets are the worse offenders for poor shots or fliers. Catching pellets intact after firing ( soft catch trap) I noticed barley any rifling marks on the heads bit good on skirts ( skirts expand when air pressure hits them to seal when fired ) . Don't use slugs so I'm no help on that .

It's funny using my break barrel and hand loading rash pellet I can just about "feel" how well it's going to fly ..lol.

Oh well I'm no expert but a good pellet fit makes a good target hit .😉

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