Impact FX Suppressors revisited


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I recently bought this item from Utah Airguns, but I'm sure other suppliers carry them: Impulse Air- FIX Kit Moderator Kit for FX Moderators

It is an add-on of sorts for FX's, factory-supplied moderator, if you could call it that. It consists of 4 aluminum, precision machined cones, one of which has a spring attached. They fit perfectly inside of the stock unit. At $89 each, they're not really that expensive.

I have been using a DonnyFl Ronan, which is a very good moderator—albeit I call them suppressors! That said, the muzzle report is a bit louder (≈ 2.5 dB on my sound meter) in comparison, the actual perceived sound is less. This is based on 'my' hearing. But the real kicker is... the weight! The DonnyFL Ronan weighs in at 10.2 ounces, the modified FX is a scant 4.25 ounces.

This difference in weigh is significant, especially when you consider it is at the end of the barrel! Even better, the groups (which were already good), did improve a bit. Of course, you have to resight in the scope, but that is a small issue. Even more interesting is the difference in velocity. In my case, the Ronan was ≈1011±3, the modification, 1020±3. So a bit more air can be saved dialing back the micro adjustment on my FX Impact Mk III from 4.0 to 3.8 0r so.

I'm pleased!
I have an Impact "fix kit". One of the very best suppressors out there!! I love the adapter on the new Donnie FL Yokazuna, but, for my money, the Impulse fix kit is a no brainer!

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