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Hey guys

Say has anyone heard anything from Tom in the past few weeks? Have been waiting to either try one of the new slug barrels or just buy one out right. Have been on the look out for a new rifle for NRL22 shooting, and if I can just buy a barrel that will save me a TON of money. lol I know Tom was moving his shop and that does take quite a bit of time to move the equipment and get things set up correctly.

I know the barrels will be out when Tom is happy with them, just curious if anyone has any more information.
Yes. Here's the scoop on the barrels and dropping them into an older Evol.... slugs need pushed harder and could use a longer barrel, so they will need the complimentary new parts rather than the older hammer and valve to make good power and speed. The older valve and plenum extension can work with easy mods but might not be as powerful or efficient. Money is better spent on the new HPS as a whole and using the older one as an accurate pellet shooter.
I think Airgun-hobbyist is right. The Evol/Paradigm shoots pellets and FX Hybrids pretty well as it is. Tom has never had a ready supply of parts for sale either. His barrel making is going to take a while to get sorted, I would think. You most probably could get your NRL22 slug gun cheaper and quicker by selling what you have now and using the money towards a new HPS.
I can't remember what he said, though I do know the diameter is going to be that of a 22lr. So I would assume something like a Lother Walther or something like that.... OR..... will be another cooperation with TJ for a custom barrel.
Have you heard any info. if the .22 slug version will be 223 224 or 217 218? I currently have .217 Corbin die and press. If I have to get another die I will be ok with that. I think Corbin is coming out with a new style or shape so I may be getting a new die in the future anyway. I really like that Tom makes these guns in America!
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There was a previous post mentioning a new barrel company, I think Alfa ? cant recall for sure but I think it was specifically a slug barrel. Not sure if TJ will continue to be the standard pellet barrel provider
Was there a post about when he was moving shops? Was he expanding?

Anyways I'd definitely be interested in trying a slug barrel down the line also. Would be nice for the windy season of the year
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i am not a 100% sure but i think he told me ( or someone did ) that he was moving the new barrel shop and the EVOL shop to Arizona?
thats been some time and he has been lagish or replaying to text wich i take as a indicator that he is swamped?
maybe he is working on the EVOL bullpup so many want?
From what we have read he was moving from California to Arizona. Could be wrong of course.

We know Tom reads the forum here. When he is able, I am sure he will let us know what is going on.

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