Big Bore Custom Stock Design and Build For the Zeus


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I started work on developing a new stock for the Zeus. The comb on the OEM stock is very low for just about any scope use so will be addressing that problem along with my idea for style. I am still working on digitally shaping the stock but here is kind of where it is going right now.

Some images from the CAD model that is in works.

Zeus V3 v3 RH 1.png

Zeus V3 v3 ISO 3.png

Zeus V3 v3 ISO 2.png

Zeus V3 v3 Iso 1.jpg
i allways like the idea of adjustible but if you know what you want or need for a heigth its nor needed?
i allways like the idea of adjustible but if you know what you want or need for a heigth its nor needed?
I can look at that as an option. It would add a bit of cost for the additional hardware and time required to implement an adjustable comb.
I have watched a few vids of guys complaining the stock (near the grip) cracks! Has yours held up? Or u just going for better ergonomics?

One of my main design goals is to correct the ergonomic problems with the oem shape.

I have heard about the stocks cracking. That is probably poor wood selection of the oem stock and not culling out stocks that have questionable grain in the wrist when produced.
I will be cutting from laminate blanks, which gives a strength advantage.
I have been working on fine tuning the shape, filling in details on the inletting. I added the adjustable cheek riser as Pan60 suggested. I added the M-Lok rail on the forearm and fine fitted the relief the the QD female foster fitting for attachment of the fill line. The devil is always in the details.

I am about ready to cut this is wood. I need to complete a manufacturing CAD model and create the CNC programs. Again more

The is a 3D printed prototype. I really love the ergonomics. It feels good in the hands, close my eyes and come down to a cheek weld, open my eyes and the scope is right there where it should be.









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