Choosing which paired bird to shoot first?


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I've posted the following before, but not here specifically. The title is a bit misleading perhaps, but when it comes to birds, my primary target is pigeons. So here are a few important items if you shoot pigeons (Rock Doves) and other doves.

First, shoot the male first. If you do, the female will return in a couple of minutes. Shoot the female first, and you won't see the male for several hours! How do you know which is which? You can't tell a male and female pigeon apart by their markings and colors. Fact is, it takes a trained eye to determine the gender of adult pigeons. The male pigeon tends to have a thicker head and wider neck, looking more robust than a female of the same species (Rock Doves mostly in the US).

Eurasian (and other) doves are just the opposite, in that you should shoot the female first if you want the male to stick around. Here is how you tell which is which. Males have a grey pinkish crown and nape, white tips on black feathers in the collar. Females have grey brown crown and nape with drab grey tips on black feathers in collar (juveniles cannot be sexed).

To be sure, I'm not always correct in choosing the sex of doves by sight, but once you have them in your hand, it is easier to tell their sex. Learn the differences, and your kill ratio will definitely increase.

As for the sex of Starlings and Grackles... Who the hell cares!
Actuaallyyyy 😅.....I remember a Ted's holdover vid about Starlings, he said to shoot the adults first and the younger ones stick around just long enough to be taken out as well. I have switched it up myself and it works! Only birds that I hunt that I can tell sexes apart, before popping them is the invasive house sparrows.

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