Field Target BCSA August 12th 2023 FT Match Results (Binghamton, NY)


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BCSA (Binghamton, NY) - August 12th, 2023 Match Report

Broome County Sportsmens Association (BCSA) Field Target Match Report

The early weather forecasts for this month’s match day was calling for a 50% chance of showers and thunderstorms. We chose to roll the dice and move forward. As the match day arrived, the forecast even got a little worse. No turning back now. With the course set and the canopies up this time it was Match On!




Despite the weather forecast we had 16 people on hand for the day! To those that took the gamble, we were rewarded with a pretty decent day! We had a brief little round of sprinkles that didn’t last for more than a couple of minutes. The rest of the day consisted of sunny skies to gray skies with a very annoying switching wind that went from near non-existent to gusty. The heavy severe storms never materialized till around 4:00pm…well after we were all on our way home! Glad we decided to move forward with the match!

Besides us monthly regulars, Doug and Betsy Dunlap along with Rich and Brian Sarama made a returning trips. Karen Ries brought along a container of Lemon Poppyseed muffins for breakfast…………Thanks Karen! Staying with last months theme of newly purchased equipment, Rich came sporting a new FX Crown in a GRS stock to replace his FX Impact M3 that he has been using.

Rich with his new Crown


The course of fire was 10 lanes with 3 targets per lane. 2 shots per target with the shooting order being left, middle, right. There was also the usual 1 standing lane and 1 kneeling lane. The stats for the days 60 shot course are as follows:


Had a cold line due to a target that has been in service all season, but chose this day to be a very bad uncooperative little Gnome!!! This is a gnome faceplate that we had cut that is mounted to a Gamo frame. The linkage between the paddle and face is the same one we use for our home brewed High Power field targets. It was a 3/4” KZ an was placed at 14 yards. The hits on the paddle were unmistakable. For some reason the linkage was causing the target not to fall with the hits from rifles with greater than 15 fpe. The linkage will be replaced before the next match.

Even with the ever changing weather for the day, Brian VanLiew was able to pull out an awesome score! Brian shooting Open PCP ended up with a 58 out of 60. Next nearest score was a 44. Both Karen Ries (Hunter PCP) and Greg Shirhall (Hunter Piston) achieved this. Just behind them were Chuck Senkus and Doug Rogers who both had 43’s in Hunter PCP. The others followed behind and their scores can be seen below.

After the conclusion of the rifle match, everyone jumped in and helped pick up and pack away the rifle targets and pull the strings for the High Power targets. With everyone either pulling in the unused targets, winding strings, pulling strings for the high power targets…… looked like a well oiled efficient machine!! Thank You All!

Before the start of the High Power match, we had the drawing to determine our 50/50 winner. This time we enlisted the help of Glenn Thomas to be the official ticket puller! After mixing up the tickets in the bucket, the winning ticket was drawn. The winner this time around was Stephan!! Stephan chose to not take the money and donate it back to the club………Thank You Stephan, Greatly Appreciated!!!!!

High Power Field Target Time!

The course of fire was 6 lanes with 5 lanes having 4 targets per lane and 1 standing lane having 2 targets in it. All lanes were shot left to right with a total of 44 shots. The course stats were as follows:


As with the little nasty Gnome, we had a couple of cold lines due to some target hang up issues! Never happy when there are target issues….especially on targets that have been in service before. We are using 2 Paul Porch targets and 2 standard S&S field targets (not the high power version!!) along with homemade targets that consist of Gamo/Crosman frames, reinforced paddles and faceplates along with a modified linkage. The target issues were caused by the bolt through the faceplate catching on the AR steel gong that was welded to the standard paddles. Luckily, Nathan Thomas had is battery powered hand grinder in his truck, so a quick grind and problem was solved!!

Homemade targets


After 2 matches on these homemade targets, they continue to impress. No false falls with faceplate hits and the little hangup issue that arose this time around will be corrected before the next match. Also, Chuck Senkus donated some new animal faceplates that he torched out of 1/4” steel! We’ll add them to the mix to add even more variety…Thanks Chuck!

We had 12 people out of the 16 people participate in the High Power Ft match. This is still new to a lot of us since we mostly limit ourselves to the standard field target rifles at 55 yards. With more and more getting some bigger calibers we’ll keep doing it and hopefully continue to get things figured out.

Jim Danvers took his skills honed from his long range pesting gig and showed that he could come out on top of the match. Jim shot a 33 out of 44. The tricky winds only intensified for the High Power match, so it was a definite challenge! Behind Jim was Chuck Senkus with a 29 and Brian VanLiew with a 28. The rest of us fell in line behind them. Nathan had some issues with his Impact M3 so he and his dad Glenn (they were sharing the rifle) took DNF’s on their last lane. Pretty sure he’ll get the issue sorted before the Pyramyd Air Cup in a couple of weeks!

And as always, after the match was finished, everyone remaining jumped in and we made super quick work of the cleanup! Tearing down the canopies and packing away all the targets and blocks! All the help is GREATLY appreciated! Another great day …………….despite the ominous weather forecasts!!

Pictures for the day can be seen here:

The Results: Rifle Match Results (60 shot match)

Brian Van LiewOpen - PCPFX400FTNikko Diamond 10-50AA 10.3458
Nathan ThomasWFTF - PistonWalther LGUBushnell 8-32x40AA 8.4436
Karen ReisHunter - PCPThomasSightronJSB 13.444
Douglas RogersHunter - PCPFX CrownHawke ED 10-50x60JSB 10.3443
Chuck SenkusHunter - PCPBRK GhostAthlon ArgosJSB 13.443
Stephan HottenrottHunter - PCPUSFTDelta StrykerJSB 10.3441
Glenn ThomasHunter - PCPBenjamin MarauderHawke 5-20JSB 10.3433
Jim DanversHunter - PCPHW100AthlonJSB 10.3435
Betsy DunlapHunter - PCPBenjamin MarauderHawkeJSB 10.3435
Rich SaramaHunter - PCPFX CrownElement helixFX 10.3434
Doug DunlapHunter - PCPFX400HawkeJSB 14.323
Brian SaramaHunter - PCPAV AvengerHawke VantageFX 10.3423
Bill CampbellHunter - PCPGamo ArrowSniperJSB 10.347
Louis HopewellHunter - PCPBenjamin MarauderSniperJSB 14.37
Greg ShirhallHunter - PistonWalther LGUBushnell 6-24x40AA 8.4444
Paul ManktelowHunter - PistonAir Arms TX200Hawke 6-24x56Fx 8.4430

High Power FT Match Results (44 shot match):

Jim DanversHigh Power FTRTI ProphetBlackhoundJavelin 33 gr33
Chuck SenkusHigh Power FTBRK GhostAthlon ArgosJSB King Hvy 33.9529
Brian VanLiewHigh Power FTFX MaverickMarch FX 5-40JSB King Hvy 33.9528
Greg ShirhallHigh Power FTFX MaverickAthlon Helos Gen II 6-24x56JSB 44.75 gr22
Doug RogersHigh Power FTDaystate WolverineDelta StrykerJSB King Hvy 33.9510
Bill CampbellHigh Power FTAir Force TalonWesthunterJSB 25.39
Betsy DunlapHigh Power FTFX 400HawkeJSB 18 gr8
Paul ManktelowHigh Power FTCometa LynxAthlon Talos 6-24x50Falcon 13.438
Doug DunlapHigh Power FTFX 400HawkeJSB 18 gr5
Louis HopewellHigh Power FTHatsan FactorWesthunterJSB 25.34
Nathan ThomasHigh Power FTFX Impact M3Athlon Midas Tac 6-24x50JTS 25.314
Glenn ThomasHigh Power FTFX Impact M3Athlon Midas Tac 6-24x50JTS 25.39
Greg thanks for your outstanding write-up on the event. As always! Everyone loves the events you run and it's easy to see why 😀

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