1100Z Barra 1100z 19” barrel vs. 22”


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This weekends weather was uncooperative so with it almost over and me getting stir crazy I set up to do some speed testing. Primarily to compare the performance of my Barbara’s current “short” barrel versus the the new longer barrel I have yet to install. The first guns released had 19” barrels. The barrels they have now and sell on the site are 22”. IMG_1274.jpeg

This also opened my eyes that I should explore lighter pellets than what I’ve been shooting.
Graphed out the shots. I should do this again after I’ve shot it for a while. I did clean the new barrel before I tested it. 19” barrel is the green line. IMG_1276.jpeg
I'd guess what it prints on paper as in tight pellet holes is what matters in the end result . If it don't shoot to accurately satisfaction all that I'd assume is meaning less. Or think wether 8, 12 19, 22" barrel it still a you want this pellet at this fsp . Now unless the battles have different twist rates or rifling / redesign ????

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