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I have a question for you guys. My son is wanting to shoot more NRL22 with me, and while I have a few 22lr rifles he can use the length of pull on them is far to long. The one rifle I have nobody makes a stock that is adjustable for it any longer. And being as we are shooting more airguns I figured I would find him an airgun that he would be able to compete with. This got me to looking and I stumbled upon the Armada rifle in 22 and 25. I was hoping some of you would have experience with the rifle and would be able to let me know if the rifle would fit a 12 year old.

With the powder rifles I have they weigh quit a bit and with the length of pull being to long it can be difficult for him to get good positions with those rifles. So looking for something that is adjustable and doesn't weigh a ton, but will be able to add weight if needed to get things to balance if needed. The armada seems like a decent shooter especially the way the cylinder is wrapped around along with the barrel. This will help keep things safe when perching the rifle on the barricades and props.

Just wondering how the rifle shoots out to 100 yards. Typically the NRL22 targets at 100 yards are 3" plates. So as long as the rifle can do that then things will be good.

Trying to find something he can use due to the Theoben Rapid MKii being to large for him. Looking at selling that as well to help fund this project as well as an NRL rifle for myself as well.
First off glad to hear your son is taking an interest in it, it's always awesome to see and I'm looking forward to following more of your posts of competing with airguns, I'm hoping to get a PCP rig setup for PRS/NRL22 this year as well.

I was just going through some of my old targets the other day from my .25 mrod and happen to have a mrod in an armada mini chassis, it's an aftermarket butt stock but here's the minimum LOP I can get from it:

And here's how my stock .25 mrod shot at 40 and 75yds I can't remember the exact weather but it was shot in a large farm field with shifting winds as noted on the targets it gives a good reference of the potential struggle if you stick with pellets:

I'm sure your already quite familiar with that struggle though, I'd don't have the armada forend fitted right now to check how it all would balance with the forend and scope but as it sits it's a bit front heavy and with enough weight in the butt stock to balance nicely I'm guessing you would be back up to the weight of your powder burners.

Otherwise though I have been enjoying the pistol grip ergonomics and the bolt action of the mrod/armada.
Yeah wind drift with pellets is what has kept me from competing with any of my current rifles, especially considering my local PRS rimfire club goes out to 250yds, but one option you might consider is a .22 air venturi X tactical and then if you want to you can throw a saber tactical chassis on it for $300 and if it shoots slugs as well my old avenger it could be a pretty decent sub $1k option, that should offer a similar LOP to the armada but weight will be similar(looking at the specs I thought the armada was 8lbs+ but its listed at 7.3lbs so you might be able to balance alright at 12-13lbs scoped via a weighted buffer tube but I haven't tried.

Otherwise there just isn’t a lot of options aside from FX and hopefully AAA soon. you might be able to find a brocock with an AR buttstock that might work, I’m not real familiar with those.
Yeah I have shot my Paradigm and EdGun R5M with pellets. The 25 obviously handled the wind better, but even the 22 didn't do to bad. Just need to get practice in the wind to know what pellets are doing.

Can't wait for the slug barrel honestly. Talking with a few vendors about rifles that are coming out after iwa. So hopefully I can grab one of those, and then have my kid start weight training to help move the heavy rifles.

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