Are you a shooter or a tuner?


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Whenever I buy a gun I run it over the chronograph and as long as it’s not shooting million feet per second and it’s accurate i leave it alone if it shooting a little hot, I’ll adjust it down to acceptable speeds. On my regulated guns as long as the regulator is maintaining 30 to 35 foot spread with unsorted pellets it’s good enough for me. I try not to obsess over extreme spread and standard deviation. As long as it’s accurate enough for hunting. I understand the appeal of super tunable guns but that’s not for me takes a lot of time , pellets and air but I don’t have the time honestly, my favorite gun to tune is my leishy 2 :) not much to do but set your velocity with a regulator that’s it. What do you like to do?
I always tune my rifles for what I find to be their optimal performance, I am not saying I am a perfect tuner but I usually always finely tweak the tune FOR ME and what I need the rifle for. I almost always find myself slowing the speed down for some reason. I like a nice calm, docile, action. I almost have tuning down by ear now, I just need a target, a range, my tool pouch and the rifle. I somewhat enjoy finding that perfect balance .... I don't enjoy tuning, but the outcome itself.

However, once its set, I don't touch it.
Like you I receive my gun, scope it, sight it in and run a few strings . If satisfied then I shoot, shoot, shoot. I’m a shooter first and foremost and will troubleshoot if the situation calls for it.
Same here now. Before I had this 6 month old boy I took time to tune. I’d focus on one gun at a time. Now I just struggle for time to shoot and maintain. haha
Reminds me why I love my AA S510! It has a factory set regulator all I can adjust is air outta the transfer port. I don't need an overkill hunting shot I turn it down, other than that I leave it full power. Shoots 18s at 885, pure perfection. 😍 Having said that 🤣.... I am planning to get a ghost soon bc I do love to tinker and tune sometimes! (And barrel swaps and re-sight in are a breeze) My end goal with it is to carry over with where the S510 leaves off. 40fpe to 55fpe with mrds. I've imagined owning an M3 but that is (for me) just to much going on in an air rifle. If craving ultra simplicity I'll grab my 2 springers.
I always like to immediately install every possible aftermarket part I can get my hands on, then I spend up to 16 hours getting it to shoot good. After it starts getting regulator creep I twist every possible knob, disassemble and reassemble 12 times before letting the gun settle into its tune, then after I'm happy with it's current tune I change calibers and start all over again. I'm a retired engineer so really enjoy tinkering and tuning my new $2000 airguns, it's fun.
I don't see much value in getting a certain gun to shoot every ammo well. If u tinker enough you could probably get the (ghost for example) to shoot 14.3 gr crosmans decently and get 120plus shots + on 480cc. If that's for you go ahead. But why spend 3k on a gun that does that?!?! I could get a $500 pcp that can do that well enough with less time invested in tuning, and less ammo 'wasted'. And then buy something else that shoots heavier ammo well. I set up each gun to shoot maybe 2 or 3 different ammo choices well. I do a fair amount of pesting and need my guns to do what I need in a moments notice. When I hear about bench only guns, checking and rechecking zero, wasting the first few shots....I run the other way fast!
Considering I just spent about 2 hours tuning the Heliboard in my Red Wolf to shoot the new Benji 177 10.5gr pellets @ 890 fps with an approx ES of 5 from 250 bar down to 150 bar I would say the tuner is strong in me. Not that I don't like shooting too, but tinkering can be so much fun.
My favorite is tuning guide videos, especially for low quality guns. Essentially a guide to show new users how to destroy hammer springs and regulators. Haha Tuning without a chronograph going by how many turns someone else posted.
yeah you don’t need a chronograph they said on YouTube land you can tune by accuracy. I’m sure you can but how long will that take vs just getting a chronograph and doing it right ?

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