PCP Airmaks katran compact .22- my initial impressions

You probably get a boatload of shots at that tune with the standard! I am ultimately glad I went with the compact, with the moderator attached and folded up it makes a great farm truck gun. I think the standard would have been a bit cumbersome for that. I am very impressed with the accuracy of these little CZ barreled shooters, have had zero issues and is first shot accurate. The huma fill probe is a great replacement for the stock one. It fits very tight and is low profile so I leave it in and cover with a dust cap. View attachment 2951

This little pellet stacker has been the perfect compliment to my EVOL , really enjoy it and I do not miss my bullpups.
Yeah I get a ton of shots , I haven’t counted but a lot. They really make a solid gun. I’ve been itching to take it out soon.

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