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Hello Everybody,

First AEA Zeus tactical chassis package completed in anodized 6061 aluminum. Package includes chassis, picatinny rail, barrel band, and self timing muzzle brake. Designed for AR stock and grip compatibility. More to come.



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I'll be following this. Looks well done. The wood stock on the Zeus is really pretty terrible. Puts the shooting hand in a horrible position and the stock only work with a 1.5" cheek riser on it.

Are you looking to make a saleable package? How much do you think it would cost?

I've also been looking at a way to convert my Zeus over to a CF bottle, but because mine is unreg and 16" I'd have to chop the stock. It'd be worth it in some ways to reduce the front heaviness of this beast.
Oh wow that is madly cool! A custom build of yours, or someone is offering this for the Zeus now? There is a member here called Loren who has made some real nice custom stocks for the Zeus. Definitely seems to be some flaws in the original design. Welcome to Ham!
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Thank you for the kind words ctshooter and Danman. This package was designed with ergonomics and function as the priority. All design elements mentioned by ctshooter and more have been addressed and are adjustable by selecting different accessories. The possible combinations for a build are quite large. The package will be outfitted to an AEA Zeus at the Northeast Airgun Classic this week and displayed by Bin from the Pellet shop and Joe from Predator International. A website link for the package with price will be posted soon.

We shot the .72 Zeus in the photo above yesterday at a 100 yard indoor range to test the effectiveness of the self timing muzzle brake and barrel band. After shooting with both, without brake, and without both, the results were obvious even for people watching from behind. As one of the shooters, the difference in gun control, recoil amount and direction, and accuracy was dramatic. I will not shoot my Zeus again without this kit installed; it's that good.


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