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  1. Eckhearth

    Introductions New Member Checking In

    Welcome to this beautiful community! Enjoy your stay!
  2. Eckhearth

    Introductions Hi all from Michigan!!

    Welcome to this amazing airgun community! Enjoy your stay!
  3. Eckhearth

    Introductions Greetings from Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Welcome to this great community! I hope you enjoy your stay! ;-)
  4. Eckhearth

    What'cha doing air gun related today?

    Converted my AA S510 too the ar300a chassis! Really impressed by its quality! And looks great all together!
  5. Eckhearth

    Karma Airguns, FX And Element Optics At IWA 2024

    I wasn’t too excited by the quality of the AEA airguns. Although they are fun to shoot! I am very curious about the red panda! Hopefully it is a step up in quality! Thanks HAM for another fantastic reading!
  6. Eckhearth

    Let’s Take A Walk Around IWA 2024

    The huben GK1 with the carbine stock looks great! Also the outlaw looks interesting! Thanks again for a great read!
  7. Eckhearth

    EVOL Evol Slug barrels??

    I am loading up some serious pesos for a (few?) new hps models!
  8. Eckhearth

    Eastern European PCPs At The 2024 IWA Show – 1

    These Eastern European guns really all look amazing! Some quality stuff coming from these companies! Thnx for taking us on this tour! Really enjoyed reading this!
  9. Eckhearth

    Marauder New gun to the collection.20 Cal Benjamin Marauder.

    The only gun I really regretted which I sold was my p-rod, my first pcp! I hope to add it (back) to the collection one day.
  10. Eckhearth

    Others Hm1000x slugs

    Interesting topic! I will keep a close eye to your findings! Hopefully we get to see some photos of your new addition soon! 😉
  11. Eckhearth

    British PCP Manufacturers At IWA OutdoorClassics 2024

    Thanks for taking us through the British brands! Some interesting news! Was again a joy to read!
  12. Eckhearth

    BSA R-10 SE PCP Air Rifle Review – The 2024 Re-Test

    I owned many airguns through the years, but never a BSA, this review really puts BSA high on my list of guns I really need to give a go! Thank for this amazing re-review! Really enjoyed reading it!
  13. Eckhearth

    What'cha doing air gun related today?

    I got the hold on a nice IOR 36x42, can not wait to set it up today! The weather is nice! Is a promising airgun day today.
  14. Eckhearth

    Overnight Wilderness Hunting/Camping

    Really enjoyed your video Dana! Love the scenery and that your loyal 4 legged companion follows you everywhere!
  15. Eckhearth

    Others Great Deals on Hill Air Compressors and Pumps!

    An extremely scary experience, glad you didn’t got hurt! Kinda curious what kind of rifle you used?
  16. Eckhearth

    What Was It Like At IWA OutdoorClassics 2024?

    Thanks for posting these photos! Love to see the displays of the different companies attending to IWA this year!
  17. Eckhearth

    Others Great Deals on Hill Air Compressors and Pumps!

    The Hill EC-3000 are great compressors the old and the evo. Extremely solid! In the past I used bauers and coltris, the air quality is perfect but these compressors are really noisy and really heavy.
  18. Eckhearth

    Others American Air Arms picture thread.

    @Airgun-hobbyist amazing to have it hanging around!
  19. Eckhearth

    Here’s a couple pics from todays hunt plus video

    That’s a nice place you got there to shoot Mike!
  20. Eckhearth

    EVOL Valve poppet would not seat upon resealing from zero

    Are these stems inter changeable? So I can “upgrade” my older Evol’s? @American Air Arms