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  1. Danman

    Do you shoot supported or offhand?

    Ha yeah another illegal thing up here in Canada, shooting from your vehicle 🙄 I often am amazed at how close birds will get when I'm in my car but if im out they will stay 3 or 4 times farther away.... It would be slaughter not pesting or hunting🤭
  2. Danman

    Do you shoot supported or offhand?

    TX and Ghost are dangerous offhand, the S510 is 100% useless. It is long and light (I refer to it as the 'air cannon') but the best by far on the bench. Hunting I will always try to support off something if possible, usually trees or knees. I took my first Starling laying down in the grass with...
  3. Danman

    Hunting Small Game in America

    I went pheasant hunting with my dad once as a kid (22LR) But there was a catch😅...they we're our own pheasants!! They had all gotten out of the run and I did my best to catch them over a week or so... I remember getting 1 or 2 back but as soon as you made eye contact they bailed, I could...
  4. Danman

    Others What paper target did you shoot today?

    You straight up won't find a more consistent pellet @ 50 Yards and under than the 18.13gr in .22...also nice shooting!! Thank you 🙏 JSB 🙏 thank you, keep doing what your doing!! This was my S510 group @ 45Yards on the most shaky table I have ever shot on yesterday 🤣 Its the gun and pellet combo...
  5. Danman

    Lubrication of the compression chamber without dieseling in the spring gun, yes of course.

    I only applied it to the spring I believe and then a few drips of silicone oil on piston end and on breech o-ring. Mine shoots 550fps his 925 (so to spec) It doesn't bother me just as long as we're not harming anything in the guns! They supplied it so I figured it must be ok😂 Yeah I put copper...
  6. Danman

    Lubrication of the compression chamber without dieseling in the spring gun, yes of course.

    Maybe you guys know....I rebuilt my Slavia with a new vortek spring and my brother did the whole kit in his diana 350. Both are shooting great but they smell alot and smoke now when fired. Speeds are as normal so I'm not sure it is dieseling? They gave a thick red grease with which we both used...
  7. Danman

    Ghost Ghosted by a Ghost XR Carbine…🤓👻🙈💥

    Awww it's a little ghost! Loving the bipod, still waiting for one to be in stock in Canada for mine ( nobody has Atlas in stock currently) 🤦‍♂️ Took a Starling today with mine but not before it pucked all this oil...from..the gauge?! I wiped it up and kept shooting but hoping this isn't going to...
  8. Danman

    .35 WOW 9mm Is Huge!!

    Lol, I have an order from AGS coming and I asked them if they could send 1 .30cal pellet with just so I have one and can see how big it is compared to my .177 and .22. I can imagine a .357 pellet is gonna be much bigger yet! They come 100 in a tin?
  9. Danman

    Pesting referrals are great!

    Thats always nice! I was just at my parents place shooting yesterday (they have more room to shoot long range) and my brother commented on the birdhouses they built for the blue birds. Well some sparrows and swallows were trying to take over but because we were out they just wouldn't land, blue...
  10. Danman

    .22 Where are the .22/20.83?

    Probably trying to avoid all the calls and emails asking when they will be in stock 😅 I can't complain myself I bought a tin each of the shallow and deeps and have yet to put em up against the Mrds on paper. The JTS heavies where good but still a crazy flier in every 6 to 10 shots so no better...
  11. Danman

    as the world ends

    Yip my beautiful Pcps would die pretty quick (as in the hamdpump) 🙄 decent springer and a 22LR for me as well. If zombies or Bears come for me, I guess it's my time ☹ All my life have had chickens and a decent vegetable garden but we all know how long that would last when the city folks figured...
  12. Danman

    Trouble Ahead

    Actually you can thank the modern day liberals, and world agendas, It's communism and lack of freedom under a different banner. Heck big and tough Russia had a mass shooting a month or 2 back.... Ps they are not tough!! Guns are heavily restricted there too so as the shooting erupted people ran...
  13. Danman

    What'cha doing air gun related today?

    Did a power test with the TX to about the edge of my property (92ish yards) to see viable accuracy and power...just in case😒 and Wow, Zero wind right now but check that height!!🤯😍...I'm selling all my Pcps 🤣. Cleanly penetrated the 1/4inch ply. Guessed on the hold and first was low left. Held...
  14. Danman

    HM1000X Tuning and modifications

    Heavier you like in the 28 to 34 grain range? You meant earlier you had damaged pellet loading probe? I'm convinced I have a small bur on the end of mine on the S510, lots of pellets will bind alittle getting loaded. The crosman 19gr heavies will actually stick to the probe and pull...
  15. Danman

    What'cha doing air gun related today?

    Chronoed the TX finally in hot weather! She's shooting back to "as new" speeds🤭pheewww. I'd also say it's officially broken in, got at least 500/600 pellets and 1 good cleaning through it. It dumped about 40/50 FPS over winter, got alittle that to be expected on a springer...
  16. Danman

    Umarex Komplete PCP Air Rifle Test Review .177 Caliber

    Fill system aside that is actually VERY good value for the money, I can't deny and great accuracy. The last springer you tested under $200 was ....pretty bad (Diana 240 I think?) I shoot groups like this with my TX @ 30Y frequently, just yesterday actually...without a flier to be seen but yeah...
  17. Danman

    PCP Snowpeak Max 1 (88FPE in .22 cal)

    Wierdddd that gun looks awfully familiar (Rti prophet/Mora) but with tank instead of bottle. Lol and I think my Ghost pushing 56FPE in .22 is a monster 😅😳 that is some serious power. I too am waiting for slug barrels still for it😪
  18. Danman

    Ghost BRK ghost 30 revisited

    Yip thats alot of money for a gun for it not to be shooting right! Happy to hear its working good now for ya, also... that's pretty fast for a .30cal!! 👊🔥
  19. Danman

    Help me decide please 🙏 (Leishy 2 .177)

    So how did you go from contemplating a sweet little .177 leishy to a .... .357 air breather monster!? Skipped a few caliber in between 🤣 15 fpe to 120, that should be enough for any 4 legged critter, Just curious Mike! I personally couldn't own just one brand, no one brand makes everything I...
  20. Danman

    What'cha doing air gun related today?

    They are expensive but in the pointed pellet world one of the most accurate...for me anyways!! I think because the tip is perfectly conical perhaps, and not pressed out of lead. They came with a multi pack of H&Ns. Still need to sit down with the S510 and group em all @ 40/50 yards and compare...