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  1. Luis Leon

    Varmint hunting with Sidewinder and Kid

    Sweet video, loved when Elizabeth walked in for her closeup…👍👍👍🙏
  2. Luis Leon

    Ghost Ghosted by a Ghost XR Carbine…🤓👻🙈💥

    Pictures and even video don’t do it justice, and though I haven’t had the pleasure of handling an Evol. The Ghost is as rugged and robust, but more importantly? Versatile for those wanting to experiment with different calibers, tunes, barrel lengths, etc. Would love to have an owner of both do a...
  3. Luis Leon

    Ghost Ghosted by a Ghost XR Carbine…🤓👻🙈💥

    Same footprint as my Pathfinder XR, will post up some comparison images of them side by side.
  4. Luis Leon

    .35 WOW 9mm Is Huge!!

    Huge in size, cost and utility… Plus, the same limitations that apply to using a .22 rimfire, it seems counterintuitive. Lower power actually opens up more shooting opportunities.
  5. Luis Leon

    Ghost Ghosted by a Ghost XR Carbine…🤓👻🙈💥

    She arrived at the shop this Tuesday, May 21, 2024. I was paged to the office and…? Check out who’s joined the stable. The hair on the nape of my neck had been prickling all month long. Goose bumps everywhere, restless nights, feeling haunted, chatter from the other PCPs in the safe. And now I...
  6. Luis Leon

    What'cha doing air gun related today?

    Working on the carburetor of my weed whacker, so that I can see my targets… Its a literal jungle out there….
  7. Luis Leon

    Others Sales thoughts

    The Paradigm is definitely not “a mini truck” gun, maybe a “monster truck” based on scale…😈
  8. Luis Leon

    Help me decide please 🙏 (Leishy 2 .177)

    If?🤓 As opposed to when🙈…? You have gone through a bunch of guns, so if you do eventually list the L2s? You can be the lord of whatever PCPs you get next… 🙏 But let’s get back to the sweet L2s what is the OAL of the 9mm L2? Shot count, FPS, FPE, etc.? She is going to be a pricey lass to feed…
  9. Luis Leon

    Help me decide please 🙏 (Leishy 2 .177)

    Well, LL of Pasadena, now you are “locked in” and can never sell your L2s…🙈
  10. Luis Leon

    Leshiy Leshiy 1 and 2 ultimate gun for me

    Frenzy!? That 9mm L2 is going to be a fun shooting frenzy…👍👍👍
  11. Luis Leon

    Others Sales thoughts

    You are a lucky man with a sweet arsenal of fine PCPs to unleash on those nasty ground squirrels…🙏 My Ghost arrives this week and am super excited.
  12. Luis Leon

    Leshiy Leshiy 1 and 2 ultimate gun for me

    You know what works for you. You have owned many fine airguns… The real question is? Will you stop buying other brands of PCPs? Perfectly understandable that through use, you have reach your one brand conclusion… Have to pkead guilty to the same myself. Through practical use, my choice was made...
  13. Luis Leon

    Others Sales thoughts

    Your BRK Ranger is solid, let it get a “good” taste of those GS you go after. Then you might bond with it, or not…
  14. Luis Leon

    Help me decide please 🙏 (Leishy 2 .177)

    Silly to use a side lever?🙄 Sell the .22 Ranger XR, some lucky gal or guy will get a solid gun. And you can buy your L2. As for “follow up” shots on critters? They, quick second shots, shouldn’t be the reason you send the first shot. Going out to put that sweet red dot you sold me, back on the...
  15. Luis Leon

    Revolutionary Umarex Komplete NCR PCP Air Rifle Launched Today

    With some of the smaller PCPs, like the Notos, for example, you can use a footpump to fill. And after most PCPs are zeroed in. All you need to gather are your pellets and whatever else you might bring incidental to the outing.
  16. Luis Leon

    Others Sales thoughts

    If your Paradigm “just sits” while you prefer other guns in your stable? You know the answer… let her go to a home where she be in use.
  17. Luis Leon

    Trouble Ahead

    Simply, DON’T comply… This country was not “founded” by sheep. And will not be “maintained and nourished” by sheep. Eff the, intentional lowercase… cpsc…🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 They can’t arrest everyone…🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  18. Luis Leon

    💢 Talk me into KEEPING a .25cal PCP! — What does .25cal do that .22cal can't?

    So you freely admit to being an enabler…? Yes, a “safety zone” for “forever” airgun loving boys and girls… 🙏
  19. Luis Leon

    Ghost Recommended reg pressures for different calibers

    Come on Mike, how does the L2 come into da mix? Manzanas y chinas… Apples to apples, papacito…
  20. Luis Leon

    Others Airgun range only possible

    Thank you for the invite… Being on the east coast it would be quite the haul…🤓🙏