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    PCP Skout

    The only way you would get the three barrel configuration is if some dealer has old stock.
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    Self-Loading Sidewinder Fun

    I am really impressed with my .22 Sidewinder have only shot it out to 40 yards so far but it is surprisingly accurate!
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    PCP Skout

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    PCP Skout

    Long, 34.4”. Is that what you are finning on your Epoch? By the way congrats on a great job in Oregon! Great shooting by you and the Skout team. Congrats on the new Skout you getting the Evos or another Epoch??
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    PCP Skout

    34.4” the long one.
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    PCP Skout

    Just received my .25 slug barrel today!
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    1100Z I’m exhausted from fun!

    Sounds like a lot of fun!
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    MidWest Airgun Show - June 1, 2024 - Columbus, Ohio

    Have three reserved, see you there!
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    Introductions Howdy all!

    Welcome, hard not to like the Evol and other AAA rifles!
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    Beginners Questions Hello from North Jersey

    Welcome, shooting is so much more fun when shooting with a friend or group. Hopefully someone will respond.
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    Introductions New to Hard Air but not to air guns

    Welcome to the group, I am not a collector of older Airguns but I am old so you have that. I will check out your channel.
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    Introductions Rooster02 - Central Arizona

    Welcome, the friendliest forum you could have joined!!
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    Ghost Come on weekend!

    I will see how it goes this weekend if I get the chance👍🏻
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    Ghost Come on weekend!

    Thank you Soren, I plan on it!
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    Ghost Come on weekend!

    Stunning is the perfect word.
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    Ghost Come on weekend!

    .25. It will be tough to group much better then the one I sold as it was more accurate then the nut behind the trigger.
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    Ghost Come on weekend!

    Cannot wait for the weekend to sight her in and start dialing it in! New family member, I think it will play well with its older cousin Delta Wolf.
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    What’s your latest airgun purchase?

    Fresh off the brown truck
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    PCP Skout

    From what you are telling me I would go with a BRK Ghost
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    PCP Skout

    That is the reason I have an Epoch and have a EVOs on order, I genuinely love my Delta Wolf, Ghosts and Sidewinder as each has qualities I like plus have been trouble free and /or easily fixed. I get excellent help from Airguns of Arizona for those, but the customer service and making you feel...