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  1. LostInMO

    PCP Seneca Aspen

    Definately concur on this. Keep the pump happy and oil it every few hundred shots. Just a drop or two
  2. LostInMO

    Others American Tactical Nova Freedom .177 (a.k.a. Seneca Aspen)

    I've got a Seneca Aspen. I had one pump rebuild--only because it was my fault for overfilling; otherwise no problems at all. There's really nothing wrong with these guns you just have to figure out how to shoot em. First do go lickety-split and pump it 15, 20, 30 pumps in a row; they don't...
  3. LostInMO

    PCP Hatsan Vs. Huma regulators?

    Yeah, that's about what I've decided also. I hate to say it but Hatsan alone can be hit or miss with their guns, why not the regulators? Thanks.
  4. LostInMO

    Notos Scope options for notos

    I went thru a lot of frustration finding a good scope to match up to my Notos. Believe it or not I truly love the 4X Gamo scope I ended up putting on mine. Dirt cheap and believe it or not they have really good optics. Perfect for @40yds or less.
  5. LostInMO

    PCP Seneca Aspen

    I've got an Aspen and still do. Love the thing. I accidentally overpumped mine and sent it back to PA (Where I bought it) which they rebuilt and it's been fine ever since. If you wanna ship it to me, I'll take it as parts and fiddle with it.
  6. LostInMO

    PCP Hatsan Vs. Huma regulators?

    So I'm gonna put a regulator in my .25 Vectis. Hatsan makes regs, but not sure about how they measure up since Huma seems to 'have the market'. Anyone have insights on this? Or does it really matter? Thanks.
  7. LostInMO

    Spring/Piston Hatsan Mod 25 Supertact QE

    No, I'm not, but it does look interesting. All of my springers are Gamo, but I do like them. I just bought a Vectis tho. So I am liking my only Hatsan. So what makes it a fave setup? How's it shoot?
  8. LostInMO

    Notos My new Notos

    The stock mags (I've found) are a little finicky, mostly with the magnet lining up properly. If you just plop it in and let it stick where the magnets fall, it'll cause issues. Mine did. I found out my stock mag worked better when I pushed it very slightly to the left (looking from behinid)...
  9. LostInMO

    Washing & lubing pellets?

    I actually do mine a little different. I wash about the same way you do, but in hot water and swirl them around in a old plastic tub with my hand. Rinse in hot through a strainer, then dunk in hot water again and swirl with my hand again. Then one last rinse in hot. Then I place them on a...
  10. LostInMO

    Altaros slugs... Next Generation performance!

    Hmm....maybe tomorrow....
  11. LostInMO

    Altaros slugs... Next Generation performance!

    I'll be someone does soon tho. Sounds like a lay down for a challenge.
  12. LostInMO

    Altaros slugs... Next Generation performance!

    I was shooting Zan 38gr in my .25 Huben. For some reason I could never get it dial in right. I bought some Alteros slugs and so far, they have been shooting great at @880-885 like related in these posts. BUT....I haven't had the chance to long-range them yet. Just received an ATN scope with...
  13. LostInMO

    Western Rattler 357 got bloody this evening

    Awesome! Even better that you just sighted her in! Nothing better than a dead 'yote. Congrats.
  14. LostInMO

    PCP Don't Overlook the Vectis

    NO! You can't ignore the Vectis. I had to chime in on this post, as I recently bought a refurb in .25 directly from Hatsan. I've always wanted one and finally got it. So far, I really love it. Right now it does the best with Predator Polymags, but still more to test. I'm going to set this...